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Shertech Pharmacy has geographically positioned our facilities to be responsive to customers in North and South Carolina. Nuclear Pharmacists work in accredited pharmacies that meet USP <825> regulations along with individual State Board of Pharmacy USP <797> clean room regulations. Bureau of Radiological Health regulations are followed under a strong corporate radiation safety program. The pharmacies adhere to an infection control program that includes environmental testing, a patented reusable medical device cleaning process, and process controls for compounding and waste management.

Our affiliation with the UPPI network of nuclear pharmacies provides a choice of products from multi-source supplier contracts which provide flexible options and a full scope of high quality, FDA approved radiopharmaceuticals. As a member of UPPI, Shertech is an approved vendor on multiple GPO contracts for radiopharmaceuticals.

PET radiopharmaceutical production occurs in an FDA permitted facility with product distribution to all Shertech Pharmacies. PET product production is accomplished using multiple manufacturer synthesis platforms ensuring various product production options simultaneously.  Shertech Laboratories is involved with national pharmaceutical manufacturer drug clinical trials in a combined effort to achieve FDA approval status.


Let us take care of providing radiopharmaceuticals, so you can focus on what matters most: Improving People’s Lives