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Shertech Pharmacy is leading the way when it comes to helping hospitals reduce the risk of their patients acquiring hospital infections during their hospital stay. Shertech Pharmacy is a licensed Nuclear Pharmacy with location throughout North and South Carolina. Shertech provides radioactive pharmaceuticals (radiopharmaceuticals) which aid in the detection of Cardiovascular Disease, Infections, and Cancer.

Shertech Pharmacy, on a daily basis provides the radiopharmaceuticals to hospitals and clinics. The radiopharmaceuticals are housed in a syringe and that syringe because it is radioactive is housed in a carrying devise called a “pig” The pig goes out on the run with a trained courier from the pharmacy to the hospital, after the patient receives the dose, the the pig is brought back to the facility, which is typically the next day.

Here is what Shertech Pharmacy is doing to insure your patients are protected as much as possible from Hospital Acquired Infections…


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