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Alternative Supplier for FDA Drug Shortages

Shertech provides customized prescription services to more than 175,000 patients annually. We log more than a million miles per year to ensure our time-sensitive products are delivered in a timely manner. Our nuclear pharmacists have extensive experience in the various radiopharmaceuticals that are used, as well as training on the safe handling of radioactive materials and procedures that will minimize radiation exposure to themselves and to others.


Shertech Pharmacy can help your Hospital system get needed medications that are on the FDA Drug Shortage or backorder list.

Our products are prepared in an aseptic environment under a laminar airflow hood.  We adhere to strict aseptic procedures to assure sterility since some radiopharmaceutical kits are capable of supporting bacterial growth. To satisfy JCAHO requirements, USP 825 and APhA quality assurance standards, quality control tests on patient doses are performed daily.  Shertech is licensed to receive, handle, store and dispense isotopes to authorized users.