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Value Added Services

Shertech Pharmacy’s historical reputation has been based on the offering of value-added services. The breadth of service offering is unmatched in the nuclear pharmacy business. Our nuclear pharmacist background and expertise is the major reason our value-added services contribute to the best patient accountable care programs in the Carolinas. Our customers take advantage of the following programs and services:

We use the BioDose/NMIS Hot Lab software system – currently the strongest most accountable nuclear medicine tracking system on the market.  It connects with most hospital EMR systems through the HL7 interface.

Reimbursement support for all nuclear medicine procedures, non product specific is available. Our reimbursement specialist can provide local guidance on coding, billing, and even working with claims payors on rejections.

Custom compounding services are available from our pharmacists for pediatric doses, altered dosage forms, seldom ordered specialty radiopharmaceuticals and thyroid therapy (Iodine-131) capsules which are usually delivered within the hour.

  • A source for drug interaction and clinical information, including investigations into altered bio-distribution events.
  • Sourcing services for prescription drug shortages, including nuclear medicine and crash cart ancillary drugs. A complete line of adjunct pharmaceuticals and supplies for nuclear medicine including pharmacological stress agents, pre and post dose medications, gastric motility kits, IV & sharps container supplies.
  • USP <797> micro biologics service (environment and personnel proficiency testing), aseptic technique training including media fill testing.
  • Processing capability testing for blood volume analysis (2 methods), H.Pylori testing, leukocyte, and Erythrocyte isotope labeling. Blood labeling service available Monday through Friday 6 am until 4 pm at no additional charge.
  • Nuclear medicine technologist CE accredited programs provided through our collaboration with the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI). Online programs encompass nuclear imaging, reimbursement, and radiation safety.
  • Discounted calibration source purchasing programs coupled with spent source disposal programs.
  • Complete radioactive material waste management services.
  • Loaner radiation detection equipment program includes: dose calibrator, survey meter, xenon gun, and lymphoscintigraphy detection probe and sodium iodide detection probes
  • Industry alert notification program to cover product shortages, shipment delays, insurance changes, and medical updates.
  • In the event of a local or national disaster, all Shertech Pharmacy sites have the ability to completely operate on “back up” power or utilize another Shertech distribution site.